About Drunk Girl Designs

I strive to make your home a warmer, funnier, and possibly less appropriate space that you can thrive in.


The idea behind Drunk Girl Designs came about during a Sunday afternoon in 2011 when I was on my 2nd glass of sangria, and began transforming the thoughts in my mind into artwork and home decor. Drunk Girl Designs' product line soon expanded to include stationery and knitting patterns and continues to grow!

My work is influenced heavily by food, lowbrow art, roller derby, pop culture, vintage kitsch, and the domestic arts. My work has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, made the front page of Reddit several times, and sold in Urban Outfitters.

I live in Los Angeles, where I work as a graphic designer for a gift company creating home decor and stationery items for retailers worldwide.